April 28 COVID-19 Update

2020-04-28 4:10:58 PM

We continue to be grateful for those supporting care on the frontline at Women’s College Hospital. Each day hundreds of staff members continue to report to the hospital to support our COVID-19 response and our patients who depend on us. To date, the hospital has completed just over 12,000 COVID-19 Assessments, with 10,000 of these done virtually.

Women’s College Hospital continues to find new ways to support the most vulnerable and bring equity to the healthcare system. In addition to thousands of virtual visits, we continue to see patients in our clinics, conduct diagnostic tests and we have even converted our day surgery facilities to accommodate urgent inpatient surgery to ease the burden on other hospitals.

Most recently, the hospital launched yet another innovative tool to help reach those who are most vulnerable in the fight against COVID-19 — Mobile Assessment Units. Last week, our mobile testing team visited three long term care homes in the GTA to conduct important COVID-19 testing for their residents and staff.


You can read more about our Mobile Assessment Unit and the important role Women’s College Hospital is playing by clicking here. This article we are sharing first appeared on the front page of last Thursday’s Toronto Star. The article has since been picked up across the province and this particular link goes to the reprint that appeared in Windsor. The work Women’s College Hospital is doing is critical and lifesaving and is now being recognized well beyond the GTA, and even Ontario. Just yesterday CBC also ran the story of our new LTC+ virtual program launched three weeks ago (here) to provide support to long term care homes, which highlights our leadership role in virtual care.

Women’s has always played a unique and pivotal role within the Ontario healthcare system — we bring our sex and gender lens to benefit the entire system; we are one of the only healthcare institutions whose focus on equity is embedded within everything we do and we have long advocated for the vulnerable and under-represented to enable access to healthcare for everyone. In recent weeks that has been ramped up exponentially and we are proud that our agility, innovation and nimbleness is playing an important role as we flatten the curve and care for our most vulnerable and underserved.

I hope you feel as proud as I am of the incredible work our hospital has been doing on the front-lines. It is thanks to your generous support and encouragement that we remain a catalyst for change within the healthcare system.

Thank you for all that you do and all that you make possible.

Stay well and be safe.

Jennifer Bernard, CFRE
President and CEO
Women's College Hospital Foundation


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