Thelma’s Story: WCH – a member of my family for over 41 years.

2019-02-05 10:53:46 AM

Thelma Bacchus

For over 40 years, Thelma Bacchus and her family have been coming to WCH Family Practice for their healthcare needs. The many years of dedicated support and professional care provided by WCH doctors and staff has inspired Thelma’s generosity. Since 2007, she has been a monthly donor to WCHF, supporting the greatest priority needs of the hospital and giving back to the community she considers family.

Here is her story:

“From the time we arrived in Canada, in 1976, Women’s College Hospital has been a member of my family. As far back as I can remember, it has been a welcome place to turn for all of my family’s medical and healthcare needs. Our first family doctor, who we saw for 10 years until his retirement, was Dr. Frank Adderly. He and his team (Norma, Sonia and the other medical staff) were always there for us. When Dr. Adderly retired, Dr. Stephen Holzapfel and his team (Jane, June, Julie and the other medical staff) took over the practice and has been our family doctor ever since. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Holzapfel’s commitment to providing excellent service and care to our family has always been a constant for us.

Throughout the years, no matter what our healthcare concerns were, we have received nothing but exceptional care. Most recently, the excellent service and professionalism of the WCH medical team saved my son-in-law’s life. In 2010, he experienced a cardiac event which left him feeling uncomfortable and unwell. He immediately went to the Acute Ambulatory Care Unit (AACU) at WCH where the team quickly diagnosed his condition – atrial fibrillation – and were able to administer treatment. This was a very traumatic experience for our family but the medical team’s professionalism and responsiveness gave us comfort and support. 

Our forty-one plus year relationship with WCH has been a journey of care and support that we are truly grateful for. In fact, it inspired our family to give back to the hospital, beginning with my daughter volunteering at the hospital during her high school years and carried on with my eldest son volunteering during his high school years, as well. More recently, when the hospital engaged in the building campaign to construct the new facility, I became a sustaining donor. I saw it as an opportunity to help a valued member of our family modernize and extend its ability to provide excellent medical and healthcare service to our family and many more families.

Thank you WCH for your ongoing commitment to providing excellent service and care for my family’s medical and healthcare needs.

Thelma Baccus”