Celebrating pioneering women at WCH this Women's History Month

2019-10-28 11:24:42 AM

October is Women’s History Month – a time to recognize and celebrate the pioneering women who blazed a trail for future generations.

At Women’s College Hospital, we’re not only celebrating our history – we’re making history. Since 1883, we have been breaking down barriers and championing access to equitable healthcare for everyone. But there is still so much more to accomplish.

Today, Women’s College Hospital is uniquely positioned to continue making healthcare history. Standing on the shoulders of our courageous founders – trailblazing women who refused to accept the status quo – we aim to shift the balance of power to confront gender and social inequities that threaten people’s health, to bring virtual care into the mainstream and to reimagine how ambulatory healthcare services are delivered in order to drive real health system solutions and close health gaps for all.

We see a vision of Healthcare Revolutionized – a new future in which healthcare is radically redesigned.
Focusing on four strategic pillars, and bolstered by the support of our generous donor community, the hospital’s bold strategic plan is driving forward this important vision:

Advancing health equity for women and for all

Women’s College Hospital’s equity pillar strives to transform the health of women and vulnerable populations on a national scale to ensure all Canadians have equitable access to high quality care that meets their unique needs.

Revolutionizing care and the care experience

Women’s College Hospital is leading a care revolution that will see new models of technology-enabled care change the face of health access and outcomes for patients across Canada and around the world.

Transforming health systems

Women’s College Hospital is driving forward innovations in ambulatory healthcare to improve patient care and create unprecedented efficiencies for patients and the health system.

Advancing world-class research, innovation and education

Supporting local and global academic leadership to advance world-class research and impact in the key areas of health for women, chronic conditions and health system solutions
Health equity, for women and for all, benefits us all. But we can’t do it alone. Working together alongside our dedicated community of donors, partners and friends, we can continue to make healthcare history for a healthier, more equitable world for everyone.

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