Our History

Women’s College Hospital was founded over 100 years ago to give women a place to study and practice medicine when no one else would let them in. Our legacy of innovation and leadership speaks volumes about our commitment to pioneering new healthcare solutions for women and their families.

Women’s College Hospital is proud to preserve and showcase our fascinating history and legacy of innovation at The Miss Margaret Robins Archives.

WCH’s Archives are open to the public and free to access. You can arrange to view the Archives or schedule a tour by contacting:

Heather Gardiner
WCH Archivist
416-323-6400 x 4076, heather.gardiner@wchospital.ca


Outraged that women were shut out of medicine, Dr. Emily Stowe, Canada's first woman doctor, founded Woman's Medical College, run by and for women.


The first hospital, located at 18 Seaton Street, opened with seven inpatient beds.


Women's College Hospital and Dispensary was officially opened at 125 Rusholme Road.


Ontario's first cancer detection clinic for "well women" was opened; WCH pioneered the practice of screening healthy women for early signs of cancer.


WCH became a fully accredited teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto. That required a contentious by-law change allowing male physicians to become full-time medical staff.


WCH became the first hospital in Ontario to use mammography as a diagnostic tool to detect breast cancer.


WCH opened its Perinatal Intensive Care Unit, the first in Canada. Also opened, was the Family Practice Health Centre. It was the largest in Toronto at the time, and remains one of the largest today.


WCH opened The Bay Centre for Birth Control. Dr. Marion Powell (known as the “Mother of Birth Control in Canada”) became its director in 1981.


WCH opened its cardiac prevention and rehabilitation program designed exclusively for women, the first in Canada.


WCH began operating independently under the Public Hospitals Act.


WCH began planning for its new home with a $555 million capital redevelopment project. In 2013, the first phase of the new hospital opened.


WCH opened the Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) and became the provincial incubator for bold new ideas to transform the healthcare system.


The new home of Women’s College Hospital is complete.