Strategic Plan

A future full of promise
In 2016, the Foundation underwent a comprehensive process to create our very first official five-year strategic plan. Called A Roadmap to our Future, the plan now guides everything we do as we aspire to be the charity of choice in advancing health for women and the strategic choice for health system solutions.

Fuelled by our “triple aim” of philanthropy, partnerships and people, our strategic plan will guide everything we do as we drive forward unprecedented revenue generation, broad-scale public awareness, unparalleled donor stewardship and unwavering volunteer leadership.

Our new strategic direction is guided by six strategic imperatives: securing the future; women in philanthropy and inclusive giving; strong hospital and Foundation partnerships; unparalelled volunteer experience, professional experience and donor experience.

Woven through each of our strategic imperatives is a commitment to engaging and nurturing partnerships – partnerships with our community, our donors and with each other – both within and beyond our hospital walls.

Our commitment
Underpinning the development and implementation of each of the six pillars of the Strategic Plan is a guiding commitment to be donor-centric in all that we do. This includes:
  • Listening to our donors
  • Building meaningful relationships with our donors beyond the gift
  • Being responsible to our donors at every juncture
  • Developing recognition that is meaningful and inspiring
  • Living our values
Our future secured
At the heart of this plan is the people, the partnerships and the acts of philanthropy that inspire bold change and extraordinary impact. Working together – with our donors, our community, our Hospital – is where we find our strength.

We have taken on the incredible task of securing our future and have mapped out a strong and disruptive Strategic Plan so that now, we can go further than we ever have before.