WCHF announces exciting new Partnership with Purpose

2020-08-21 2:03:28 PM

Women’s College Hospital Foundation is honored to announce an exciting new partnership with two preeminent lifestyle brands that will offer unparalleled experiences for all stakeholders while fostering meaningful and philanthropic relationships. 
“Women’s College Hospital is known for its innovative spirit and this partnership is a further testament to that,” says Jennifer Bernard, President and CEO of Women’s College Hospital Foundation.  “Through our partnership, we truly are redefining the traditional donor relationship. We will be able to invite our WCHF community to experience unique and curated experiences while continuing to support the hospital they love.”
Lifestyle with Purpose is a Social Enterprise which curates exceptional experiences that align lifestyle preferences with critical charitable causes. Through its rigorous selection process, Lifestyle with Purpose is committed to supporting select local, international and global foundations and charities who have a proven track record of TransparencyEfficiency and Accountability to enable significant impact in the community.
In collaboration with Quintessentially Canada, a global leader in Lifestyle Management with over 60 offices across the globe, known for its curated experiences and execution, Lifestyle with Purpose and Quintessentially Canada have developed a strong partnership that focuses on achieving a positive and sustainable impact.
“One critical lesson that COVID-19 taught us is that there are heroes all around us who are working tirelessly to ensure we can all live the quality of lifestyle we aspire to. At Lifestyle with Purpose, we see it as our collective obligation to do our part to support these courageous heroes.” says Owen Tseng, Founder of Lifestyle with Purpose and President & CEO of Quintessentially Canada.  “We aim to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals, brands and corporations of all sizes, who share the common core value of purposeful living.  Our vision is to have people enrich their lifestyles while knowing they are also making a meaningful difference along the way. We are proud to amplify the voices of noble champions such as Women’s College Hospital and support their vision of revolutionizing healthcare for a healthier, more equitable world.”
Women’s College Hospital Foundation is delighted to announce that Lifestyle with Purpose and Quintessentially Canada will become the first corporate partners to establish an endowment fund supporting The Emily Stowe Society, an academic awards program dedicated to breaking down barriers to careers in the health sciences for women and individuals from underrepresented communities.