Celebrating Women’s Impact!

2019-10-01 3:21:52 PM

This Women’s History Month, we’re digging into the Women’s College Hospital archives to share the extraordinary contributions of courageous women from our history who have made an incredible impact on healthcare in Canada. ​To read more about the pioneering women who shaped the Women’s College Hospital of today, click through below.

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136 years ago, Dr. Stowe – Canada’s first woman doctor - sparked the beginning of a healthcare revolution when she opened the doors to Women’s Medical College – a dedicated school where women could study and practice medicine when no other medical colleges in Canada would accept them. Twenty-eight years later, in 1911, Women’s College Hospital was officially opened as the nation’s first hospital run by women and for women. Today, the word “college” proudly remains in our name to pay homage to our beginnings as a medical college for women.

Dr. Stowe’s grit and determination paved the way for an extraordinary group of women who followed after her – trailblazers and changemakers who were dedicated to advancing equitable access to healthcare for women and their families. Read more.


Dr. Banting was the Director of WCH’s Cancer Detection Centre and spearheaded the use of mammography as a diagnostic tool to detect breast cancer. Read more.


Often referred to as the “Mother of Birth Control” in Canada, Dr. Powell was the Director of WCH’s Bay Centre for Birth Control. Read more. 


Mabel was the first Indigenous woman to graduate from Women’s College School of Nursing, and the first Indigenous woman in Canada to earn a diploma from a hospital-based nursing program. Read more. 


Dr. Gray was Chief of Surgery at WCH and was the first woman to earn a Master of Surgery degree in Canada. Read more.