We are Women's Redeployed

2020-09-09 4:00:46 PM

With the sudden onset of COVID-19 last March, the team at Women’s College Hospital quickly adapted to respond to the community’s most urgent healthcare needs.

Playing a unique role within the healthcare system and identifying gaps in care for those who need it most, Women’s College Hospital quickly redeployed staff to a number of key areas in order to flatten the curve and contain the spread of the virus: staff were redeployed to Kensington Gardens, WCH’s long-term care home partner; staff began testing at the hospital’s onsite and mobile COVID-19 Assessment Centres, providing urgent assessment to those who needed it most; and staff stepped forward to volunteer to meet new logistical needs by working in other areas within the hospital to support screening; staffing the Assessment Centres; and providing additional support to programs moving to virtual platforms. This was all done to help keep staff and patients healthy and safe, without closing our hospital’s doors completely. 

Our hospital can’t thank our donor community enough for the support during this unprecedented time. With generous donations of meals, personal protective equipment and financial gifts, we were able to pivot quickly and stay strong, facing the pandemic with courage and conviction. 

Here, we are happy to share just a few stories from staff who have assumed new roles as part of Women’s College Hospital’s redeployment initiatives:

Hari Nair, Physiotherapist at WCH’s Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute (TAPMI)

hari_web.jpgHari was redeployed to Kensington Gardens long-term care home as a Physiotherapy Assistant to help care for vulnerable seniors in our community.

At Kensington Gardens, Hari witnessed first-hand the incredibly positive impact that the WCH team made upon the seniors who lived there. The care and companionship of the WCH team helped Kensington Gardens overcome its COVID-19 outbreak, and helped the residents regain their health and mobility, and reconnect with fellow residents, loved ones and friends following quarantine.

Read more about Hari's impact at Kensington Gardens by clicking here.

Jacqueline Follis, Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) at WCH’s Family Practice

jfollis_web.jpgSo far, Jacqueline has been redeployed to three distinct areas of the hospital in response to COVID-19:

When the hospital’s onsite COVID-19 Assessment Centre opened in March, Jacqueline stepped forward to support with COVID-19 testing. She worked with Women’s College Hospital’s Occupational Health and Infection, Prevention & Control (IP&C) department to manage the ever-changing guidelines around staff facing illness. And, despite the challenges and uncertainty of this new virus, Jacqueline and her team developed a new streamlined protocol to help keep staff and patients visiting the hospital safe.

Most recently, Jacqueline was appointed as the Interim Clinical Manager for WCH’s COVID Assessment Center & the Mobile COVID Assessment Team.

To read more about Jacqueline’s leadership during COVID-19, click here.  

Dr. Aaron Drucker, Dermatologist and Clinician Scientist (Medicine and WCRI)

Dr-drucker.pngWhen WCH’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre opened in March, Dr. Drucker was staffed on the very first shift, charged with conducting both in-person and telephone assessments.

Dr. Drucker now serves as a Clinical Adjudicator, supporting the active screening team as they determine the best course of action and care for patients visiting WCH who screen positive for COVID-19 symptoms. Throughout redeployment, Dr. Drucker has also continued to care for patients through his dermatology practice, which is now 90% virtual thanks to advancements in virtual care developed at Women’s College Hospital. 

You can read more about Dr. Drucker’s experience with redeployment here.
These are just a few examples of the many brave and resilient staff who have faced redeployment with relentless commitment. We are incredibly grateful to the healthcare heroes who continue to respond to the unique needs of the community during this challenging and uncertain time and for your steadfast support.