Women leading healthcare change through philanthropy.

100Women is a community of leading women philanthropists committed to driving bold change for the future of healthcare. Each member of the 100Women community has committed to generously investing $100,000 or more in the work and vision of Women’s College Hospital to transform the healthcare system and build a healthier, more equitable world for everyone.

Thank you to our extraordinary 100Women members. Together, we are working to ensure that healthcare becomes more accessible, inclusive and effective for all — now and for decades to come.

Meet our 100Women community


  • Jocelyn Allen
  • Gail Appel
  • Angela Baldassarra
  • Karen Barnett
  • Deb Barrett
  • Elisabetta Bigsby
  • Yvonne Bland
  • Marlene Cepparo
  • Sylvia D. Chrominska
  • Carol Cowan-Levine
  • Beatrice Crawford
  • Connie Crogal
  • Lynn Damp
  • Wendy Daniels
  • V. Ann Davis
  • Alex Earthy
  • Louise Fast
  • Sabrina Feldman
  • Patricia Fraser
  • Linda Frum
  • Shirley Granovsky
  • Karen Green
  • Kelly Grier
  • Stephanie Griffiths
  • Elizabeth Hamilton*
  • Linda Haynes
  • Kathryn Kearsey
  • Mary Susanne Lamont
  • Nancy MacKellar
  • Mary Lou Maher
  • Nancy E. A. Main*
  • Margaret Norrie McCain
  • Luci McEachern
  • Debbie McGrath
  • Margaret McLean
  • J. Susan Monteith
  • Colleen Moorehead
  • Katherine Morrison*
  • Gail O’Brien
  • Jocelyn Palm
  • Kerry Peacock
  • N. Jane Pepino
  • Megan Porter
  • Vivian Racioppo
  • Linda Judith Reed
  • H. Gail Regan
  • Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon
  • Nancy Ruth
  • Michelle Samson-Doel
  • Barbara Stern
  • Eleanor Thall*
  • Stephanie Trussler
  • Sabina Vohra-Miller
  • Sheila Craig Waengler
  • Benita M. Warmbold
  • Sally C. Wright

To learn more about 100Women, please contact:

Leigh Naturkach
Senior Director, Philanthropy and Legacy Giving
647-338-3058, leigh.naturkach@wchospital.ca