Women's Virtual


Women’s Virtual:

Technology in service of a healthier, more equitable world
Imagine a healthcare system designed to help patients access the care they need when, how and where they need it most. Imagine a healthcare system that connects care providers with the tools and resources they need to help make that happen. Imagine a healthcare system that helps every patient and provider achieve their greatest potential.  
This is the vision and power of Women’s Virtual.
At Women’s College Hospital, we are revolutionizing healthcare for the 21st century – helping to create a modern healthcare system that meets the unique needs of today’s population.
As part of our commitment to better access, improved outcomes and next-level patient experience for everyone, launched Women’s Virtual, Canada’s first virtual hospital, in November 2019.
Leveraging the power of technology to connect people and systems, Women’s Virtual is breaking down barriers to healthcare and ensuring that care is delivered in the way that best meets the needs of every individual.
Not only will Women’s Virtual improve healthcare and improve lives, it will dramatically reduce the strain on the health system – reducing wait times, keeping people out of hallways and ensuring health providers are fully equipped to deliver the best care possible.

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