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Healthcare heals people when they’re sick. But who heals our healthcare system when it’s sick?

The Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) is focused on finding cures for what’s hurting healthcare. That means questioning, disrupting and shaking things up to get to the root cause of inefficiencies.

Your partnership and generosity will help us create a healthcare system that’s more effective, more efficient and more sustainable. By healing the system, we can have a system that can heal us all.

Let’s heal healthcare – together.

In context

WIHV is finding solutions for what’s hurting healthcare. Consider the following statistics:

UP TO 30%

of senior Canadians are prescribed medications that could be harmful.


of Canadian patients can see their doctor the same day.


healthcare dollars in Ontario are used to treat chronic conditions.

To address these issues, WIHV is creating new processes, inventing new procedures and harnessing technology to connect more people to better care where and when they need it most. The most effective solutions are then scaled up to people and health systems across the province and beyond.

How exactly does WIHV work?

The WIHV team is an interdisciplinary group of health and health policy professionals who work to bring new insights and new solutions to the healthcare system.

“For too long, the mandate of each healthcare organization in our system has stopped at the exit from its own four walls. As the only hospital of its kind – an independent, academic, solely ambulatory hospital – Women’s College Hospital is embracing an innovation mandate that serves the entire system within which we work.”

Dr. Danielle Martin
Family physician and vice-president, medical affairs and health system solutions
Women’s College Hospital