Indigenous Health

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Jean’s Story

Community-building guided by the IHEG in transforming cancer care for Indigenous women through the Indigenous Cancer Screening Program at Women’s College Hospital.
Indigenous women with breast cancer are more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage of disease and experience higher rates of mortality. Through partnerships established between trusted community members and allies, patient navigators from the screening program are able to reach women in this high-risk population sooner, helping to ensure they can receive the timely screening and potentially life-saving treatment they need.
For patient Jean, who participated in the screening program last December, she was happy that her experience included a smudging ceremony. Knowing she was surrounded by members of her own community made the process much more comfortable.
“We connect to our ancestors every time we smudge and get our strength for the day and for whatever we’re going through,” says Jean. “The mere fact that it was all Indigenous was a real comfort for me.”
Seeds of Change: Art Installation
A series of artworks, all created by Indigenous women and with a thematic focus on healing, were selected and curated by Sara Roque and Elwood Jimmy and incorporated into the hospital space. Through the installation of these works, Women’s College Hospital creates a welcoming environment for Indigenous patients, their families, staff and students. The importance of Indigenous expression is emphasized through this variety of artistic works.