Women's Mental Health


A mental health problem or a problem with mental health?


Dr. Simone Vigod’s presentation asks an important question: why do we treat mental illness differently than physical illness? At Women’s College Hospital, Dr. Vigod and her team are re-imagining how mental healthcare is being delivered in order to ensure no woman goes without treatment. Click here to watch Dr. Vigod’s presentation.
Patricia’s Story: how technology is revolutionizing mental healthcare for new moms
These days, when Patricia sits down at her kitchen table and connects with her Women’s College Hospital psychiatrist on her laptop, she thinks back to the days when seeing a doctor would have been next to impossible. Those were the days when she could hardly get out of bed – unable to even shower, let alone get in her car, drive to the hospital, find parking and wait for her appointment.
After giving birth to her daughter in 2007, Patricia was overcome by a sense of hopelessness and despair. Sleepless for days on end, refusing to see visitors and even feeling she couldn’t look after her newborn daughter, she quickly realized something was terribly wrong.
“I couldn’t do anything except stay upstairs crying,” she says. “I didn’t even want to hold my baby. I finally said to my husband, ‘I’m not good. Something’s wrong.”
Click here to read more about how technology is helping Patricia remain connected to her mental health care team virtually.